Leader as coach program




This award winning Leader as Coach Program, that is internationally recognized by the Association for Coaching (AC), is specifically aimed at equipping organizational leaders, managers and supervisors with the tools to adopt a coaching approach at work.

Lead by coaching your team to the next level of success


Coaching skills form a valuable part of a leader's repertoire of management's tools and techniques, aiding self-management, employee engagement and development, and effective working with diverse virtual teams and individuals. A coaching approach can enhance performance, improve working relationships, and develop communication skills for the benefit of the whole organization.


By selectively choosing to enrol in a Leader as Coach Program that is internationally recognized, you are investing wisely in your professional development that meets good standards and has far-reaching benefits. This includes exposure to the latest research and thought leadership in evidence-based coaching, best practice in relation to core coaching competencies, and integrating coaching within existing management tools and approaches.